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In Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK make your own character with distinct characteristics, start your career with simple matches, and eventually gain enough experience and reputation to advance to bigger competitions.
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October 29, 2022
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Create your characters with Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK when participating in this thrilling wrestling game and take on your adversaries in epic fights. Pick from a range of tournaments and aid your hero in achieving his dream of becoming the greatest wrestler ever. Take on all sorts of adversaries in thrilling fights, either with or without the proper rules.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK


If you’re a wrestler and would like to embark on the experience of a champion in the making will surely be able to find Wrestling Revolution 3D enjoyable.

This being said, the game exposes players to all aspects of a wrestler’s lifestyle and the routes you’ll need to take. Make your own character with distinct characteristics, start your career with simple matches, and eventually gain enough experience and reputation to advance to bigger competitions.

Find a manager and sponsors who can help you grow your career. If you work hard, you’ll get the opportunity to wrestle the best at the world championships. Also, the thrilling and entertaining wrestling mechanics will leave you feeling satisfied.


This page will provide the best features this game offers:

Take advantage of the most realistic wrestling simulation on your mobile devices

This is the very first occasion ever; Android players will get the possibility to play this thrilling and addicting wrestling game on smartphones. You will have access to the various aspects of the wrestling business, not only within but also in the business that occurs in the outside world.

Design your very own character, train and practice your abilities so that you can participate in tournaments, sign agreements with famous managers and be a part of the biggest wrestling events.

The sport is reserved for the hardest-core wrestlers as you’ll have the opportunity to participate in numerous tasks as a professional wrestler, such as negotiating contracts, to make your tough-fighting schedules. The steps to becoming a famous wrestler take a lot of work.

Make your characters by using distinctive modifications

In the beginning, the game introduces players to interactive character customization options where they can create their unique characters with the help of the choices. Let your imagination take over and create your wrestler in this game.

Additionally, As you get deep into the sport, there are more exciting options to pick up. Make your wrestler look stylish in various costumes and alter the music you play to suit your needs.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK

You can compete against hundreds of wrestlers from all over the world

Players playing Wrestling Revolution 3D will face real difficulties as they climb the ladders of becoming elite professional wrestlers. In the end, you’ll fight over 300 characters in various promotions within the game.

Begin each challenge, each one of which is tougher than the last. You will face tougher opponents each time you enter the rings.

Simple and easy-to-use controls

The game has simple touch controls that enable players to quickly become acquainted with the game’s combats and gameplay. Additionally, you’ll get access to the user-friendly tutorials that will teach you how to win with the game’s opponents in Wrestling Revolution 3D.

Make use of the powerful instruction to aid your characters

To make your character more equipped to handle the increasing intensity of combat, you’ll need to be prepared mentally and physically to meet the demands. Start by learning about the fighting techniques through a variety of training. Learn how to effectively fight in a ring. You will learn various techniques as you punch your opponent’s butt.

Discover the exciting fights in different rings

In Wrestling Revolution 3D, gamers can enjoy the most thrilling wrestling competitions. Begin by taking on various arenas that have unique ring shapes. You can even challenge your own first War Games.

Additionally, The fights you play in Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK aren’t just about achieving the highest outcomes by slaying your opponents in only a couple of seconds. You’ll need to be able to entertain your audience with realistic actions. Make sure you give viewers the most enjoyable experience while helping to keep ticket prices high.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK

Enjoy yourself with our unique matching system

Furthermore, you’re permitted to take part in thrilling custom matches where you can make yourself rules. Take a look at your options with the Mix & Match feature and make custom matches with different rules. Participate in epic fights that can include up to 20 wrestlers. You will be able to fight in the fun arena where you can use every tool to attack your adversaries. If you’d like to take it further, you can strike the referee’s butt.

Play for free

Even with all the amazing features, it is accessible for all Android users to play using their smartphones. However, the game is available on the Google Play Store at no cost. So, you can download and install the game without paying any kind.

Unlock the game completely using our mods

But, the game will include in-app purchases and advertisements that you may find irritating. It’s suggested to install alternative versions of our game on devices instead.

It lets you make any purchase with unlimited cash while playing this game and not being distracted by advertisements. Simply download the Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod APK on your smartphone. Follow our instructions to ensure that you have it correctly installed on your Android devices. Then, you can fully play the game.

Sound and visual quality


The game introduces users to 3D graphics, making it available on most of the latest Android devices. However, this does not mean that it’s not good in any way. Indeed, the distinctive animation system lets it feature smooth skill combinations. This allows for more thrilling fights, especially when you use chain-wrestling moves.

Additionally, you’re permitted to play using a variety of camera angles that can be altered based on your preferences. The most important thing is that the adjustable graphics let you play smooth and enjoyable gameplay across multiple Android devices.


In addition to the captivating graphic design, Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK also lets players experience a thrilling audio experience. This means that you’ll find yourself in a huge ring with hundreds of screaming crowds. What’s more thrilling than this?

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D latest 1.770 Android APK

Fans of the sport are sure to appreciate this game because it lets you fully get into wrestling as well as the businesses associated with wrestling. Additionally, the epic brawls that include up to 20 wrestlers each are a blast to watch and to take part in. So, don’t you miss it!

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