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Wastat Wastat app also includes premium features that require to be purchase. However, in order to eliminate this limitation, we've modified the basic version of the application. A modified version of the application is called Wastat MOD APK.
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WaStat Mod APK allows you to monitor who is online and offline at regular intervals. This is ideal for parents who want to monitor their children’s internet activities. You can set curfews and track who is watching what is on your watch list. In addition, you can set notifications to alert you whenever someone is online.

WaStat Mod APK allows you to track up to 10 different accounts at once. It tracks the time spent online and what apps a person uses. Once you know how much time a person spends online, you can analyze their activities to find out what’s up with them.

The modified version of the Wastat application is available for free on moddroid. With this app, you get all the premium features of the app without paying a single penny. It also doesn’t have any ads and doesn’t require any permissions. It’s 100% free, so there’s no need to worry about it being malicious or dangerous.

WaStat Mod APK

About Wastat APK

Wastat is a tool that you can use to monitor the activities on all of your WhatsApp contacts. As you already know, WhatsApp gives very little information on other contacts, so you can use Wastat to keep tabs on your family members or even your children. The app is free to download and has several additional features that will assist you greatly when using the application.

About Wastat MOD APK

Wastat Wastat app also includes premium features that require to be purchase. However, in order to eliminate this limitation, we’ve modified the basic version of the application. A modified version of the application is called Wastat MOD APK. In this version, you can access all premium features in this application, and you do not need to shell out money to purchase the Premium version. In addition, there will be no advertisements included in the version.

How Wastat application Work?

The Wastat app is a program that will allow you to keep track of your contacts without providing any hints. It allows you to track as many contacts simultaneously, and this app can display all chat history in the app in a clock view. With this application, you can also choose to utilize all functions of WhatsApp as well as its unique features.


Amazing Features 

WaStat Mod APK has many features, including its ability to track your internet usage and alert you whenever someone is online. It also lets you generate reports. What’s more, it is completely free of advertisements. It also tracks and monitors up to ten different contact details and does it all without your involvement.

Alerts you whenever someone is online

WaStat is an app that allows you to track any target’s online activity and send notifications whenever they are online. This app also allows you to view their behavior over some time and analyze the data. For instance, if your target is engaging in online gambling, you can use WaStat to know whether they are operating within the limits of their permissions.

This application is very simple to use. All you have to do is add up to 10 contact numbers, which will monitor and build reports for you. Once the download is complete, you can open the app and start monitoring your contacts. You can even keep tabs on them using WhatsApp.

The application also lets you view the time spent by your contacts on Whatsapp. It will display a colorful bar chart to show you how much time they spend online. The app can be set to give you daily, weekly, or monthly information.

Tracks internet usage

WaStat is an internet monitoring app that tracks internet usage. It lets you know when your target is online and offline and sends you notifications. In addition, it allows you to view graphs of usage for an entire month. It is available for Android devices, and it is free to download.

Many people today have become addicted to the internet, and some of them use it in excess. This isn’t ethical, but there are apps out there that can help you see who is online and who isn’t. WaStat, for instance, can monitor up to ten WhatsApp profiles. It can also let you see notifications from other apps.

Another great feature of WaStat is its ease of use. The application doesn’t require any hard tasks to get started. You just have to add your contacts, and the app will monitor them. The app also organizes your reports and displays time intervals in a convenient clock view.

WaStat Mod APK

Generates reports

A WaStat mod app is a popular tool for monitoring your contacts. You can even get notifications when they are online. This application also allows you to view graphs that will show you their usage for the whole month. The WaStat premium version offers more features than the free version. For instance, you can check out your target’s phone time usage. It also lets you monitor their WhatsApp accounts.

If you are a parent who has a concern about their children’s online usage, you will be pleased to know that this app helps you keep an eye on them. Using WaStat will help you monitor their time online and let you set curfews to keep them in line.

The WaStat mod APK allows you to monitor up to ten contacts. The app can track the time and dates you spent with each contact. In addition, you can choose to delete their profiles if necessary. WaStat is easy to use and makes it easy to track your contacts. You can also generate reports of each contact separately.

Is it 100% free from ads?

If you want a game that does not contain ads, you can use the WaStat Mod APK. This application provides unlimited money and other features for free. The best part about it is that you don’t have to pay a single cent to play it.

This mod app lets you manage your time online and offline by displaying your online and offline time intervals on a clock. This is especially helpful if you’re a parent and want to control your child’s online time. It also helps you set a curfew and track people on your watch list.

This app lets you monitor up to 10 accounts. It also shows you what times people are online and if they have any notifications. The app even lets you delete profiles.

MOD Features

Unlocked premium

The free version of the application also includes a premium version, that you can add additional users to the folder for trackers. However, to access the premium version, you have to pay money. But in the updated version of the app, the premium version will be unlocked, and you can utilize it.

Free to use

Premium versions of the app are now unlocked in this modified version. Therefore, you do not need to shell out money to buy it. This means that this application is completely accessible for free.

No advertising

In the default version of this application, you will be able to view various pop-up ads and video advertisements that appear every time you use the app. In the updated version, all advertisements have been eliminated.


WhatsApp tracker APK is a free download and has many new features. To download the apk file, simply follow the download link below. If you want to install the app, make sure you have Android Jelly Bean API 17 installed. Download latest version now and enjoy the Mod features of App. 

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