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In mAst MOD APK, user can use existing videos or create their  own. The app comes with various pre-set statuses available in various categories like festival video status and anniversary photo status, magical video status, and more.
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October 30, 2022
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In mAst MOD APK, user can use existing videos or create their  own. The app comes with various pre-set statuses available in various categories like festival video status and anniversary photo status, magical video status, and more. You can build your product by using the images in the application for you to put together into a comprehensive video.


Never make boring statuses or social stories that you’re not proud to share on one of your favourite social media platforms. With the mAst MOD APK, Android users will have their mobile application to edit and create their ideal videos and stories on the most popular Social media sites.

Get yourself one of the top editors and mobile video players which let you create simple and quick statuses and stories with stunning songs and lyrical effects. You are welcome to test numerous unique and intriguing video templates available to every Android user. Select them, and they will be instantly added to any of the videos you choose.

What is it that they do?

With the mAst  MOD APK application, Android users can have an app that is perfect for creating music status videos and social stories that include any audio track they choose and lyrics. Make fun of the easy and quick templates that were designed to assist you in completing your work quickly. Finish your work without time and effort. Additionally, the easy and easy steps will enable you to focus on your artistic endeavors without difficulties.

Feel free to take advantage of the many beautiful and free templates available in mAst. You can choose to allow them to run automatically. Test out the incredible lyrics effects using any of your beats or background music. Create dynamic beat and particle effects to make your videos look amazing. Create sues using the application to create amazing status videos with magical effects. The list of possibilities is endless.


If you are interested, now is the time to use this fantastic mobile app of mAst without paying to download it. You can download the free version through the Google Play Store and start using its features for free to begin creating and uploading your social media posts. Be aware that the freemium version of the app comes with ads and premium features that you must pay for access to.

Most of the features available in the app require access rights for Android phones; therefore, be sure you are aware of the request for access upon the first visit to the application.

Amazing features of mAst MOD APK

Here are all the thrilling features the app can offer:

There are tons of awesome templates you can create use of

With the mAst app, Android users will have an abundance of editing templates that users can select and then apply to all videos and images. Explore the vast online library of templates that cover various themes, such as lyrics, beats, attitudes, sun-loving, family friendship, nature emotions, birthdays, holidays, birthdays, and many more. The various categories will help you discover some templates with stunning effects and an amazing editing experience.


Additionally, the mAst particle templates and Name Video templates will enable you to create your lyrical status video and social stories. Choose one of them, then add your footage, and you’ll be able to create unique lyrical statuses quickly and easily.

Create unique lyrical video status

In addition, users of mAst can access many tools and features available in the app that allow them to make amazing lyrical videos. Choose from the many background music options and beats that are included in the in-built library that should be accessible to all Android users to delight in. Make use of the amazing effects to your videos, in conjunction with stunning songs as well as beats that match and unique videos to create numerous interesting content.

With the lyrical status that showcases the most popular songs and lyrical effects, your artistic creations will always be unique among the rest. For those who are interested, you can modify the songs, cut off the music in the templates you have chosen, and then alter them with other ones from the library on the internet.

With a wide selection of songs from various collections, users can enjoy making their mAst statuses featuring electronic dance, pop hip-hop, rock, music indie music, and many more.

Create amazing particle effects

For those looking to get involved, you can test various innovative particle effects with mAst MOD APK, which allows you to create unique music videos with amazing beat effects. Discover the possibilities of particle effects and achieve impressive video in the spotlight with amazing stickers, matching tempos, powerful beat visualizations, and much more.

Magical video effects for having fun with

With various original and interesting video effects, users of mAst can edit and enhance their lyrical statuses in videos. Choose from various designs, each with its unique effects that transform your face into an animal blur and cutout effects that are compatible with the editing needs, as well as love effects using adorable stickers, mirrors, and magician effects, with numerous options. The list is endless.


Built-in editing tools for video and audio

Make sure to finish your creative process using the built-in editing tool from mAst. It allows mobile users to make adjustments to the music and video tracks. 

A library of assets that is ever-growing with regular updates

With an ever-growing library of editing assets available, mAst MOD APK will make sure that mobile users will enjoy a fantastic platform to update their lyrical video content. Stay up to date with the latest effects with the most recent templates offered by the mAst platform, which will create powerful videos.

Save and share your work with other users

With the easy sharing and saving options, users of mAst MOD APK can get their works published with the world via TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms easily. Select the quick share options on the appropriate platform while the application will alter the format to fit their preferences.

Download the no-cost and unlocked app available on our website

If you’re one of those who are keen on the app but do not want to spend money on its premium features, You can now enjoy the best of both worlds because of an updated version of the mAst application. We’ve got the unlocked version of the app that is free of ads and unlimitable features, which will let you get the most value from it. All you have to do is get this mAst Mod app and follow the instructions, and you’ll be ready to start.

Final Thoughts 

With numerous free and user-friendly templates, as well as a variety of unique lyrical as well as other effects for video, mAst could be an ideal mobile application to edit and design stunning lyrical video statuses. Use it with your videos and photos to create unique works of social art which you can share with your friends and colleagues.

MOD Features

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