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The modified version of the Indycall app is known as Indycall Mod APK. The user will no longer need to view advertisements or do surveys in order to receive free minutes because they will have access to unlimited free calls and minutes with this edition.
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March 26, 2023
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IndyCall Mod APK is a modified version of the original Indycall app that offers unlimited free calls and minutes without the need to watch ads or complete surveys. The original app allows users to register their phone number and make free calls to friends and family, but there is a limited number of free calls available. To earn more free minutes, users need to watch ads and complete surveys.

With the modified version, users can make unlimited free calls without any restrictions. This makes it a popular choice for people who need to make frequent long-distance calls to friends and family members. The app is easy to use and has a simple registration process that allows users to quickly set up their account and start making calls.

IndyCall Mod APK

The Indycall Mod APK is popular among users because it does not have any intrusive ads that interrupt the call. This is a big advantage because it ensures that the user’s call is not disrupted by any annoying ads. Additionally, the app is user-friendly and has a clean interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.

IndyCall Mod APK

Amazing Features

Free Minutes

With the Indycall app, users can make free calls to any Indian number. You can use the free minutes to contact friends and family in India, but the number you wish to dial must have the +91 Country Code at the beginning. However, the quantity of free minutes you have to make calls is limited. If you want to make more calls, you will need to pay for more minutes or earn them by completing surveys and viewing advertisements.

Become an Indycall Member

By entering your phone number in the app’s registration form, you can join the Indycall community. You can call your friends using the caller ID that will be assigned to you. Since you are now a permanent user of the Indycall app, you will also be able to access all of its features.

Take Surveys

If you don’t want to purchase minutes, you can view advertisements and complete surveys to earn free minutes. This is a fantastic feature because it allows people who can’t afford to pay for minutes to still earn free minutes in exchange for completing surveys.

Represented Time Limit

When you want to call someone and dial their number on the app, the time limit for your call will be presented or shown. Your call will automatically be disconnected after that point. You can complete several surveys and view adverts to extend the time restriction or eliminate the timer. The timer is a great reminder of when to end the call.

No Registration Required

No registration is required to use this application. Simply launch the app to begin placing calls. However, registering with Indycall will provide you access to more options, like being given an ID for your account and phone number. Every time you call someone, their phone will display your assigned ID.

IndyCall Mod APK

Ads Removed

In the most recent Indycall Mod APK version, the developer has eliminated all of the app’s advertisements. The app’s negative aspect is the commercial in Indycall, which customers find upsetting and bothersome.

Save Contacts

You will also have the option on the Indycall app to save the phone numbers of your Indian friends and family. In this way, you won’t ever lose track of the Indian phone numbers you’ve saved in your phone; you’ll have quick access to those with the + 91 prefixes, and you can use Indigo call apps to make direct calls to those numbers.

Easy Call-Making

Making high-quality voice calls without experiencing any delay is possible with the help of the Indycall app. Because of its user-friendly interface, this program is also quite simple to use.

Premium Access

Using the mod APK, you can get free access to all the premium features that are available only in the standard edition of the Indycall app.


Throughout the world, people use the Indycall call software to make uninterrupted calls to Indian phone lines. With the aid of its modified version, you can gain access to all of its premium features. You can leave a comment below if you have any information to give regarding the Indycall app. Download latest mod version from Modcomboapk. You can also download the original version from Google Play Store.

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