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Granny Mod APK an amazing, thrilling game with stunning 3D graphics and an amazing storyline. The game is about living in the home of the granny zombie. In every corner, there are secret mysteries and secrets.
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October 28, 2022
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Granny Mod APK is a horror adventure game where you play as a character who is confined in a haunted house with an old lady named Granny. This old lady has supernatural powers and she is trying to kill you.

In this scary and exciting game, you have to explore the house of Granny and find the keys to unlock her door so that you can get out of her house. However, it is not easy to escape from this house because Granny can hear your footsteps. So, you have to search for clues and hidden objects in the house.

Granny Mod APK

Features of Granny Mod APK

Hide from Granny

In Granny, a horror and thriller game, you have to be very careful while playing as there is a granny roaming in the house and if she catches you, your game will be over and you will have to start from the beginning. Therefore, whenever you hear granny coming, you need to hide from her, preferably under the bed, to escape her notice.

Collect Keys

There are many doors in Granny’s house, some of which are locked while others are open. You have to find the keys to unlock them, but the house is dark, so you’ll need a touch or a lamp to help you see better. However, you can only carry one item at a time, which means you have to check each key on every door.

Escape House

The only way to win the game is by escaping Granny’s house, and there are several ways to do that, such as using a helicopter, a boat, or a door escape. However, you need to work hard to collect multiple items that will help you open new doors and paths to the outside. Be careful not to drop anything on the floor, as granny can hear everything.

Find Clues

There are many clues hidden in the game that will help you find the items you need to escape the house. However, you need to find them quickly, as granny can hear you if you make too much noise. There are many places to hide, but you have to be fast and efficient.

Granny Mod APK

Shoot Granny

You can also shoot granny if you find the hidden shotgun in her house. Make sure to collect the bullets too, as you can only carry two at a time. If you see granny roaming around, you can shoot her, but it will only work for two minutes as she is immortal and cannot be killed. Shooting her will give you extra time to escape.

Horror Sounds

Granny’s game has many horror sound effects that enhance the game’s ambience and make it more enjoyable and entertaining. However, if you find the sounds too scary, you can turn them off in the settings.

Mod Features

God Mode

In the standard version of Granny, you have to work hard to find different items that help you unlock doors and other objects. However, in the mod version, you don’t have to work hard as everything is already unlocked, including all keys and clues, making it easier for you to escape the house.


In the standard version of Granny, if you get hit by granny, your game is over, and you have to start from the beginning. However, in the mod version, you are immortal, and if granny hits you, your player will not die, making it easier for you to escape the house.

Ads-Free Version

The standard version of Granny contains ads that can interrupt your game, but the mod version provides an ad-free experience. You can play the game without any pop-ups or video ads, making it more enjoyable and immersive. Download the Granny mod apk version to enjoy the game without any interruptions.


Granny mod apk is a horror and thriller game where the player has to hide from the granny and collect keys to escape her house. The game also involves finding clues and shooting the granny to gain extra time. With the mod version of the game, players can enjoy god mode and immortality features, as well as an ads-free experience. If you’re a fan of horror games, Granny mod apk is definitely worth checking out for a unique and thrilling experience.

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