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GFX Tool Pro APK is a great choice if you want something new in the game or if your phone runs smoothly. This application allows users to see many new features and will make them feel like the app is helping them.
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October 27, 2022
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GFX Tool Pro APK is a great choice if you want something new in the game or if your phone runs smoothly. This application allows users to see many new features and will make them feel like the app is helping them. You will also find many attractive features that can help you play new games and increase your playing speed. Get this amazing application today to discover more.

PUBG Mobile, which has hundreds of thousands of players every day, is still one of the most popular mobile games for Android users. The game is still quite demanding and will require significant hardware power. Gaming can be hindered by the in-game experience, which can make it difficult to enjoy FPS or Battle Royale with others. You’ll need to find a solution to lower the graphic demands in order to fully enjoy your game on low-end phones. GFX Tool’s simple settings and accessibility will make it easy to access the game’s configurations and provide amazing FPS experiences.

GFX Tool Pro APK


I’ll show you GFX Tool Pro for BGMI & PUBG, a utility launcher that allows you to modify the graphics in FPS games. This app is undoubtedly the best on Android mobile devices. It allows you to adjust graphics at a higher resolution. This also helps to ensure that your device’s battery life is not too low. Enjoy the most relaxing moments possible. The app has been downloaded thousands of times since its inception.

These two very famous Krafton games are well-known. The game will often set the resolution to low and prevent you from scaling it up to higher resolutions on low-end devices. GFX Tool Pro can provide high-quality resolution support. You can unlock up to 90 FPS. You can change to any resolution that you wish.


How GFX Tool Pro APK?

The game comes with its own graphics adjustments so Android gamers can enjoy smooth, satisfying gameplay. However, some users may still experience stuttering and laggy games despite their hardware being capable of running them.

Many users now use third-party apps to modify their in-game visuals. You can now enjoy intuitive and easily accessible visual settings that allow you to customize your gameplay. This allows you to improve the smoothness of your gameplay by increasing FPS and sometimes reducing graphics to “potato-like.”


Awesome Features 

Select the most suitable setting quickly

For those of you looking to have a quick experience playing PUBG, there are many preset configurations available in PGT+ Pro GFX and Optimizer. You can choose from more than 1000 settings that are available for all Android devices. Finding the perfect settings for your device among hundreds of models is easy. This gives you smooth gameplay and reduced graphics in just a few clicks.

 Choose from different game versions on your devices

PUB Gfx tool also provides the option to adjust the version settings for specific installations, which is great for those who have their unofficial PUBG Mobile editions installed on their mobile devices. You can select the variant you are using to optimize the system. You’ll also be able to use the other features of your app.

Adjustments 0f the Basic Settings

If you’re more interested in manual settings, there are many options available for users to explore in their Basic Settings. You can adjust the Resolution and Graphic quality of your images. You can choose the best option based on your hardware capabilities to enjoy smooth, satisfying graphics.

You can also use PGT+ Pro GFX and Optimizer to enhance your in-game experience. Enjoy creating realistic, dramatic, cinematic, and other visual styles with the PUB Gfx+ tool. You can make further graphics adjustments to your in-game experience by changing the Shadow effects and MSAA settings.

GFX Tool Pro APK

You can enhance your experience by using the advanced settings

Android gamers have the ability to make changes to the system, and even improve their gameplay, by diving into the deeper options of the PUB Gfx Tool.

You can use the Memory Boost to ensure your PUBG Mobile gameplay is prioritized. You can also enjoy smooth gameplay and consistent FPS with the Zero Lag mode for Battle Royale.

Auto Customization 

The application offers a new feature that allows you to customize the application automatically. The application will be approved as soon as you have described the requirements. These customizations are recorded in the application and can be provided for review if desired.

Graphic customizations that are interesting

If you’re curious, PUB Gfx+ Tool also offers miscellaneous settings that you can use and enjoy. You can start by changing the color format of your system to unlock new visual experiences. You can change the rendering levels to make your characters look more beautiful or transform them into actual potatoes.

Enjoy the detail mode and discover the unique experiences the game offers. Enjoy the lighting effects to create unique visual experiences.

Cleaning Effort 

Because the app can clean up, it must be considered immutable. It is latest and has a new texture. The user can select the cleaning style they prefer or the auto feature. You should pay particular attention to the fact RAM will not be used to clean all of your items.

Enjoy the experimentation

Last but not least, you have the option to experiment with various settings if you are not happy with the in-game visuals provided by the PUB Gfx+ tool. You can adjust the in-game audio and change the shader effects by using any of these features. You can change the experimental settings whenever it is convenient to have more enjoyable experiences.

Android users can turn on the Dark Mode to make their in-app experience more enjoyable. This will change the interfaces to a more friendly look. This makes it ideal for night use.


Download GFX Tool Pro For Free

GFX Tool Pro currently appears on the Google Play Store as a paid version. To unlock all its features, you will need to pay. Some people may want to download the unlocked version of this app. You can download the Pro GFX: Optimizer MOD APK from our website and follow the instructions. Enjoy fully customizable visual experiences and all the settings.


PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer is a simple yet interesting feature that will enable Android gamers to have the best possible in-game experience with PUBG Mobile. You can make any adjustments to your gameplay and have fun with the free app available on our website.

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