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Carrom Pool MOD is a home-based multiplayer game primarily played in Asian Countries. You can choose between Classic Mode and Disc Pool Mode. Online multiplayer is possible with your friends. You place discs into holes, and the winner or the player with more points wins.
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October 30, 2022
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Carrom Pool MOD is a home-based multiplayer game primarily played in Asian Countries. You can choose between Classic Mode and Disc Pool Mode. Online multiplayer is possible with your friends. You place discs into holes, and the winner or the player with more points wins. You can unlock strikers and unlock objects to unlock pucks.


Carrom Pool MOD APK

Carrom Pool MOD APK

Carrom Pool  is a popular home-based multiplayer game that’s most often played in Pakistan, India, and Nepal. This game has two modes: Classic Mode and Disc Pool Mode. Play online with friends around the world. All discs must be placed in the hole. The team wins the game with the highest score. New features such as unlocked strikers, unlocked items, and free pucks will be available to you.

You can access it online or offline. You will feel the same excitement when you play this game online as you do in person. The graphics are amazing, and the controls are intuitive. This is why so many people love it.


Carrom Pool MOD APK Unlimited Money Gameplay & Interface

The limited edition of this game is only available on Play Store. You can, however, download the Mod APK version from our website. This version lets you win all Gameplay and allows you to earn unlimited money. Download the game by clicking here. To download, click the button. This will let you download the game. We’ll show you how to interface with Carrom Pool APK.

Mobile gaming is a big market for billiards games. Billiards are fun and easy to learn. Players eventually become bored because there are always more billiards games to choose from. Carrom Pool  is a table top multiplayer game. Carrom lovers will love this game! This game has been downloaded over 100 million times from Google Play Store. Do you feel confident you can compete with the best? Continue reading to find out everything you need about this table top board game. This game is simple to master for those who are familiar with Carrom.

Carrom Pool MOD APK

People looking to play a new table top game may find this a problem. Carrom is very easy to learn and is very similar to billiards. Carrom Pool is similar to billiards in that it uses a similar strategy. Carrom requires you to aim the balls through holes. These are called discs. Carrom matches can have up to four players. This is different than billiards. Each player is given an equal number of discs and must aim at one of the holes. It has a rectangular shape which is not like billiard. A player can only shoot the primary disc in one spot on the table.


We will discuss some features of Carrom Disc Pool MOD APK Here.

Play Online

Inadvertently putting discs from another player in the hole will result in the same score. You need to be precise and strategic when shooting discs. The winner of the hole is the player who has all his discs. You can win a set amount of coins to Carrom Pool game if you win. You will be playing against real people, making matches even more thrilling. For more information, continue reading.

This is a great way to play with your friends even if you are far from them. Carrom Pool allows you to play the game online. Online Carrom Pool is possible with your friends, but only if they are in the same room. You can play online Carrom pool in any country or city.


You can still play the game with your friends online if you are bored or have no friends. Don’t worry; you can still play this game with your computer. The computer will play this game as though it were a human.

Unlimited gems and coins

Gems are a valuable currency in this game. Gems are a key currency that unlocks more features. But how can you get more gems from your carrom pool? If you win more games, you will make more money. If you lose any of the games, you will lose gems.

Play Freestyle

This game is different from disc Pool and Carrom. After touching Freestyle, you can now select the amount of challenge money. These challenges are similar to each other. You can go to play mode after you have completed the Challenge. You can earn some money after you win the Challenge.

These points are awarded to pucks that are used in the game. Some examples are Red Puck 50, White Pucks 20, and Black 10. Anyone can take on this Challenge if they complete the 120 points.

Carrom Pool MOD APK

Friends Option

This option allows you to play any game with your Facebook buddies. To access the game, log in with Facebook. If your money is stolen, you have a chance to win. You can collect some money to play the game.


There are three additional options available: Strikers, Power, and Pucks. You will find many Strikers here. Each Striker has its power, such as Aim, Force, and Time. This power option can be used to increase the power of your Strikers. Power can be defined as Force, Aim, Time, and Energy. This option lets you choose from many types of Pucks, such as different colors.

Learn the Setting

The Settings section contains many settings. Login to Facebook is the option. The Tutorial option. Language option. Sound effects option. Chat Messages option. Only friends can challenge you. Tap to place Striker. Play while you receive a notification. You can adjust many settings.

Game Modes

Play Carrom

Play Disc Pool is very similar to Play Carrom, but some differences exist. Instead of 12 troops, the table will now contain 13 troops. It is important to remember that you must eat the red unit first. Your opponent will make it, and they will be able to compete with you.

Play Disc Pool 

It can be found in many locations, including Delhi (Paris), London (Dubai), Dubai, New York (New York), Mumbai (Mumbai), and others. Before the game starts, each player must wager a specific amount. Finalists will receive all the money received from all players.

Practise Mode

This is an unrestricted mode, as you can see. It is possible to try it out and become familiar with the game. You don’t need to worry about losing money because it is a practice mode.

How to Download?

Carrom Pool MOD APK is too easy to download. We’ll show you step-by-step how to install it.

Modcomboapk offers a search engine that allows you to find the app name.

  • Next, click the title/App icon for the download page. Click on the Download button.
  • To download the app to your Android phone, click on the Download button.
  • In File Manager, click on the Apk file. You can enable it if it isn’t enabled.
  • To install the app on Android, click on Install. You are now ready to go.


The Carrom Pool MOD APK game can be downloaded and installed on any Android device. You can also download this from Google Play Store. We highlight the best features you can use in order to create an entirely new experience. Please share this page with your friends who enjoy games if you find it useful. If you need help downloading or installing the app, we are available to assist you. We appreciate you visiting our site.

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