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Bulma Adventure 3 APK is an adventure game where Bulma has a mission to find dragon balls. The game is awe-inspiring in its graphics and amazing gameplay. Players can select various characters, such as Goku and Vegeta, to battle the opponents during the gameplay.
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October 28,2022
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Bulma Adventure 3 APK is an adventure game where Bulma has a mission to find dragon balls. The game is awe-inspiring in its graphics and amazing gameplay. Players can select various characters, such as Goku and Vegeta, to battle the opponents during the gameplay. The choice of characters makes it more exciting for players to play the game. Bulma Adventure 3 is a game with an excellent storyline that makes it more enjoyable for players to take part in this game. It’s also an addicting game, as it gives you various challenges and adventures you can experience while playing.

Bulma Adventure 3 APK


Bulma Adventure 3 APK

There are various ways to play this game which makes your experience more enjoyable while playing The Bulma Adventure 3. This is among the most popular games available on the Google Play Store at present, with a variety of amazing features that make this game more enjoyable for all ages, particularly children, as they benefit from the game.

There are many ways that one can have the application installed on their devices, including downloading it from the official website or downloading it from third-party websites such as the apk mirror etc., but we suggest using apk mirror due to its security features and simple installation procedure.


Goku and many other characters from the Dragon Ball series

Bulma Adventure is a platformer game that lets you play as Goku as well as other figures of the Dragon Ball series. You’ll fly around in the air and make new companions. You can also earn coins to enhance the quality of your characters. In this video game, you will encounter certain bosses you have to battle. They are extremely strong, so you must be cautious when taking on them.

Bulma Adventure game has many different levels to play, meaning there’s always something new to try every time you play again. This means you won’t have to become bored in this game as there are numerous things you can accomplish at each level.


Story of Bulma Adventure 3

Bulma Adventure 3 is a thrilling adventure game that will lead you into a new world of love, beauty and magic! You’ll be able to meet various characters like Bulma, Goku and his companions, who will be waiting for you in the game! You can also alter their appearance by picking hairstyles, clothing and accessories. The game is broken down into episodes. Each episode has different levels and tasks to be completed before progressing to another level. The game is easy to master and comprehend since there aren’t any complex controls – simply tap on the screen to where you’d like Bulma to go, and she’ll be walking there in a flash.

Bulma Adventure 3 APK



Each level is a distinct setting, with various types of challenges and enemies that are scattered randomly. Each experience will feel unique due to the unpredictable effect. One morning, the girl decided to leave the house as she wanted to discover the world out there. She decided to get away from her home using various methods, including hiding herself in a box, climbing up the wall using ropes, etc.

Unfortunately, she never succeeded and was snatched by her father in each attempt to escape the house! So she decided to search for another way out of this situation and explore the globe of the app!


Neue characters have been added

Bulma Adventure 3 APK is a game you can play for no cost and play for fun. There are numerous players from all over the world who have played the Game multiple times. This game lets you’ll be in control of Bulma, who is the main character from Dragon Ball Z and is loved by a lot of fans. This game requires you to look after Bulma’s needs and assist her in different ways.

It is possible to help her grow into a healthy adult by eating wholesome food and attending school daily. Also, you can look after Bulma’s health by providing her with vitamins regularly and taking good care of her skin. As you get older, you’ll accumulate more experience points, and you can unlock new characters and clothes for Bulma.

 Maps added

Bulma Adventure  can be described as an adventure that lets players discover all the worlds of Bulma. The main character of the game is a feline called Bulma. The game is a challenge where you need to accompany him worldwide to find adventure and treasures. This game has distinct characteristics that make it more exciting than similar games.

Alongside the brand new map, new animals are available in the game. It is now possible to interact with the animals and earn rewards from them. Additionally, you will be able to construct a home for yourself in which you reside with your family. The graphics for this particular game look impressive and can make it even more enjoyable for players like you who are addicted to playing games like this.

 The latest maps included in Bulma Adventure 3 are:

House of Bulma

Garden of Bulma

The tree house of Bulma

The room of Bulma

Bulma library

 More exciting tasks

Bulma Adventure  is an adventure game with beautiful graphics and various challenging tasks. In the game, you take on the role of Bulma, and the goal is to discover all the missing treasures that are scattered throughout the world. You will need to find all the treasures you can by solving various puzzles and locating secret locations.


Characteristics of Bulma Adventure 3 APK

Bulma Adventure  is a Game enjoyed by many players. It is its numerous aspects that make it an enjoyable game to play.

The primary feature of Bulma Adventure 3  is its adventure game. This means the player must travel through various paths and overcome obstacles to beat the game. Another feature of Bulma Adventure is that it features an RPG system. This means you’ll earn points each time you play the game. These rewards can later be used to purchase upgrades. Another feature unique  is its graphic design, which makes it appear more authentic compared to other games in this genre.

 Combat enemies with your shield and sword!

Bulma Adventure 3  is an action-oriented game. The game takes on the role of Bulma, the princess from the Dragon Ball series. Your objective is to eliminate all enemies right in front of you, including your family and friends. Don’t worry! You won’t have to fight on your own as you can use your weapon and shield to defend yourself from assaults.

Your goal is to take down any enemies facing you with your shield and sword. Be careful since there are many obstacles in the way that make it difficult to achieve your final goal.

Bulma Adventure 3 APK

 Find gems and coins on the way

Earn coins and gems on the route for unlocking new characters, brand-new vehicles, and more! Do you have ever found yourself captivated by the game world? If yes, you’re not all on your own. Many people have been enthralled by the game and are now enthusiasts of it. You can play this game with your loved ones or family members. It is possible to have a great time when playing the game.

As a player, you must be in control of your character to advance through the various stages of gameplay while collecting coins throughout the process. Additionally, you can use these coins to unlock new vehicles and characters with various abilities, such as swimming, flying or walking on land, etc.


Bulma Adventure 3 APK  is an adventure classic in which you need to assist Bulma in locating the costumes she will need to shoot her photos. The game features numerous scenes, each with its own obstacles and puzzles. In the initial scene, Bulma needs to find the butterfly costume. The costume is hidden in the bush.

Bulma will request that you cut off the bush so she can get to it easily. The next step is to cut the bush using your fingers; however, If you don’t get it right, then Bulma is harmed by thorns. Once you’ve cut off enough of the bush, you can access another area of the scene where you’ll need another costume concealed in a tree’s trunk.

Gorgeous graphics and incredible sound effects

Bulma Adventure game is a 3D adventure game in which you, the player, is in charge of Bulma and her companions as they fight and explore to survive in the world. The game is a masterpiece of images and incredible audio effects that make you feel like you’re a part of your action. Bulma Adventure 3 is an entertaining and thrilling game that will keep players entertained for hours. If you are a fan of adventures, then this game is one you must look into.


Final Words

Bulma Adventure 3 is an Action game that is available on Android. Download the latest version of Bulma Adventure 3 Mod Apk + Data for Android using direct links on the site. The game is the 3rd in the popular series of adventure games. In this chapter, there’s a brand-new hero, a girl called Bulma, who assists Goku in locating seven dragon balls so that they can bring peace to the world.

It will be extremely difficult to gather the entire seven balls as they’re not at one location but scattered across the world. Bulma needs your help on this thrilling adventure! Be cautious and skilled in gathering the seven balls and beat the enemies on the route! Be ready to fight monsters and not hurt yourself, as you could die anytime! It’s your choice how you’ll get into this exciting game.

What's new

Garden of Bulma

The tree house of Bulma

The room of Bulma

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