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Bulma Adventure 3 APK is an adventure game where Bulma has a mission to find dragon balls. The game is awe-inspiring in its graphics and amazing gameplay. Players can select various characters, such as Goku and Vegeta, to battle the opponents during the gameplay.
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March 28,2022
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Bulma Adventure 3 APK is an exciting adventure game that revolves around Bulma’s quest to find the dragon balls. With its stunning graphics and thrilling gameplay, players can choose from a range of characters, including Goku and Vegeta, to fight their way through the game’s challenges. The character selection adds an extra layer of excitement and makes the game even more appealing.

One of the standout features of Bulma Adventure 3 is its captivating storyline, which draws players into the game’s world. The game’s addictive nature is due to the various challenges and adventures that await players during gameplay. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter bosses that pose a significant challenge, requiring careful strategy to defeat them.

Bulma Adventure is a platformer game that lets you take on the role of characters from the Dragon Ball series, such as Goku, and soar through the air, meeting new companions along the way. You can earn coins to enhance the quality of your characters, and each level presents unique tasks and obstacles to overcome. With so much variety in each level, you’re sure to find something new to discover each time you play.

Bulma Adventure 3 APK


In Bulma Adventure 3, you’ll encounter various characters, including Bulma, Goku, and their companions, each with different appearances that you can customize to your liking. The game is organized into episodes, with each episode comprising different levels and tasks that you need to complete before advancing to the next level. The game’s straightforward controls make it easy to master, simply tap on the screen to direct Bulma, and she’ll move accordingly.

Bulma Adventure 3 APK


 The latest maps included in Bulma Adventure 3 are:

House of Bulma

Garden of Bulma

The tree house of Bulma

The room of Bulma

Bulma library

Characteristics of Bulma Adventure 3 APK

Adventure Gameplay

Bulma Adventure 3 APK is primarily an adventure game where players have to explore different paths, overcome obstacles, and defeat enemies to complete the game. This feature makes the game enjoyable to play, as players are constantly faced with new challenges and experiences.

RPG System

Another unique feature of Bulma Adventure 3 APK is its RPG system. Players earn points while playing the game, which can later be used to buy upgrades, making the game more interesting and rewarding as players progress.

Authentic Graphics

Bulma Adventure 3 APK boasts authentic graphics that make the game more immersive and engaging for players. The game’s design looks more real compared to other games in the same genre.

Action-Oriented Gameplay

Bulma Adventure 3 APK is an action-oriented game, where players take on the role of Bulma, the princess from the Dragon Ball series. Players must use a shield and sword to combat enemies, including their family and friends, to advance through the different stages of the game.

Bulma Adventure 3 APK

Coin Collection and Character Unlocking

As players progress through the game, they collect coins that can be used to unlock new characters and vehicles. Each character has unique abilities, such as swimming, flying, or walking on land, making the game more exciting and challenging.

Multi-Scene Gameplay

Bulma Adventure 3 APK features multiple scenes, each with its own unique obstacles and puzzles. In the initial scene, players must help Bulma find a butterfly costume hidden in the bush. To access the next area of the scene, players must cut off enough of the bush using their fingers, without harming Bulma with thorns. The next scene involves finding another costume hidden in a tree trunk, and so on.


Bulma Adventure 3 APK is a thrilling game that combines adventure, RPG, action-oriented gameplay, authentic graphics, coin collection, and multi-scene gameplay to create an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience.

What's new

Garden of Bulma

The tree house of Bulma

The room of Bulma

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